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Our address:

Budapest, 12th district, Kiss Áron str. 6.

Buda Villa Panzió (B&B) is to be reach within 10 minutes by car or by public transportation from the interchange Moskow square (Moszkva tér)
If you come by public transportation to us, search for the bus number 156, which takes you to us from Moskow square within 8-10 minutes, while passing 7 busstops.

The time shedule of the bus service bus number 156 >>

How to reach Moskow square (Moszkva tér) by public transportation

Moszkva tér is one of the most significant interchange of Budapest, thats why it is easy to reach from every point of the city.

We can get there by:

The (red) subway M2. This line passes the south and the east railway station, the city centre (Kossuth tér, Deak tér, Astoria, Blaha Lujza tér)

By the tram nr. 4 and 6, which both go along the big boulevard of Budapest, passing many places of interest.

By the trams nr. 56, 59 and 61, which are travelling through the beautiful hills of Buda. Other several buslines serves the comfort of the passangers.



The Ferihegy airport provides transfer service from its terminals. (Airport Minibus service)
The service can be ordered at the infromation desk of LRI, which charge is 10 €. We will help you to get to the Airport from our hotel.

Approach on public road

The GPS coordinates of Buda Villa Panzió (B&B) are (N47°30 46, E18°59 33)

Our guest coming on the motorway M1 or M7, will lead to us the map hereunder. Further direction we gan give you on the phone.


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You come to the borders of Budapest on the motorway M1. A highway with four lanes, which lead into the town. You should choose the right lane. You will see soon a huge signpost, Petõfi-híd (Petõfi brige) and Erzsébet-híd (Erzsébet bridge). You should choose the right lane and follow the sign Erzsébet-híd. Travelling onward you can choose between Margithíd and Erzsébet-híd. Follow the sign Margithid and in the right lane. After that watching the signposts on the left side of the road after 2-3 km passing the south railway station you will see the postsign of Buda Villa (B&B), which shows the way, that you should choose the left lane, since you need to turn left. After passing Hotel Budapest two traffic-lights will come, by which you should go straight. After that point the Buda-Villa postsigns will show you the way. It is a 3 minutes drive from the traffic-lights winding on the main road. 

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